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Many people say: I want to invest my money, I need investment ideas, where are the businesses that give money? But what very few really do is learn to invest.

Do you want to earn a lot of money? The key is to invest, say financial gurus. But what is investing in money? How, when and how much to invest?

Invest what is it?


Let’s talk about the definition of investment since many people confuse investment with speculation or even take it as if it were a betting system.

When the true objective of the investments is that you find within the sectors to invest, excellent and real business opportunities where to put your capital and thus obtain profitability of that capital and also increase your profits day after day.

Knowing what types of investments are suitable for you and which are not,  is an art, and also a dark area that still many people in Latin America have too much respect.

The main obstacle for which you are depriving yourself of earning extra money is obviously the lack of confidence that is generated in turn by a lack of knowledge about the broad topic of investments.

Then I expose the most important points you must take into account to learn how to invest your money wisely.

My recommendation is to start making small investments and gradually take experience until finding the best business to invest and you can get the most out of it.

Better Businesses to Invest.

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When is a good time to Invest Money?.


Whenever you have discovered some good ideas to invest and that are also legal forms of investment safe and, any time is a good time to invest and win.

Currently, there are many investment options interesting, which if you study them thoroughly could become profitable investments that generate money day after day without you having to make more effort.

Well, although the latter is relative to the type of investment you choose.

As the owner of your finances, you have the power to choose between saving and investing.

When you save you have money that is safe but with almost no use, it is money that does not produce profits, it is money that only makes more money to the bank.

In contrast to investments, money is in motion and if you pay close attention you will soon learn to identify in which business to invest in a big way.

If you are starting or you are afraid of risk, businesses that require little investment are for you.

You can also choose between long-term or short-term investments.  

Usually, long-term investments have a much lower degree of risk than short-term investment options.

That is because you have more time to make timely decisions depending on how you see the movement of the market where you have invested.

I recommend that you try to review all the investment options before putting the money from the life savings there.

The main idea is to minimize the risk and invest in the option that most resembles your interests, according to what you want to undertake.

On the internet, there are a lot of false offers to make quick money, promising to double or maybe triple your profits.

So, you should not always trust those brilliant offers, they could cheat you after your anxiety to earn money easily.

So you can take a look and have an idea of how to invest money from your savings safely, we present some investment ideas that might interest you.

Where and in What to Invest My Money.

First of all and before going for one or the other, the most important thing is to dig carefully about the different investment options that exist within the market.

Our friendly tool is the internet. So, let’s do it!

We identify what we consider the best investment offers, we will put them in a list, preferably in excel to make an analysis of the feasibility of each of these “possible investment projects”.

To find our investment jewelry, consider the following factors.

Determine which area of the investment market we want to venture:

  • Financial
  • Investments Real estate investments
  • Investing in Bonds / Stock Market
  • Investing in Company Shares
  • Investing money in your own business
  • Investments in Cryptocurrency
  • Investing money in e-trading / Binary options
  • CrowdfundingTime
  • Investment funds
  • deposits
  • Microcredits

Check if we have available the amount of money that we must invest to make it work.

We can not leave the investment halfway, because it could bring us solvency difficulties which in turn triggers a series of catastrophes that will lead us to lose what we have invested initially.

Therefore we must ensure that we have enough to cover the entire investment until its completion.

How long will we be willing to wait to see the results?

Let’s understand that there are short-term, medium and long-term investments. So we will choose according to our experience how far we will be able to go to excel in the market.

Results that we want to obtain with the investment.

This point is closely related to the second point since usually the profit margin of an investment is directly proportional to the amount of money invested.

How to Invest Money to Earn More.

We know that investing money in a profitable business that generates much more money is a desire of most people and we understand you perfectly.

Also, we in “your profitable business” have been reviewing many of the businesses to invest that exist.

That’s why we want to guide you since for a long time we have seen how wonderful investment projects that seemed excellent business opportunities, from one moment to another they vanished like foam.

And, contrarily, other businesses that were born as a crazy idea, which at first nobody believed. 

From one moment to another they grew disproportionately returning to their few shareholders in millionaires almost overnight.

The investment in Bitcoin is a clear example of this phenomenon.

So do not say more, we think we can help you choose where to invest money, we want you to be able to make a good investment decision.

For obvious reasons of monetary risk, it can not be based on a mere instinct or premonition, but it is necessary to take the time to analyze.

Safe Investments.

to know if an investment is viable we must study it thoroughly. Only then can we be sure that we will put our capital and our savings in good hands.

Therefore, in this item I want to investigate the credibility of the company or business where we want to invest money: We will

classify each of the possible investment projects that we have already taken in the list and now we will analyze if these investment businesses that we have identified are really reliable or not.

According to some factors and variables that we will analyze from each of these investment ideas.

We can identify the degree of credibility and then we will assign them in the box in front of 1, 2 or 3 as they correspond:

  1. Highly trustworthy.
  2. Intermediate Reliability
  3. Low credibility.

How to Evaluate an Investment Project?.

What are these factors that we analyze to give a credibility and confidence score to the investment?

  • Time to be working successfully
  • Verification of data through links and searches
  • Consultations in official sources, monitoring of alternative sources (blogs in particular) over time
  • Opinions or reviews of other users that we find on the Internet
  • Rate the level of knowledge on the issue of investment
  • Percentages of positive results
  • Qualifications in social networks
  • Brand
  • prestige Support and Guarantees
  • Direct or indirect indicators that generate distrust


Study what each of the options found is, how they are managed and how they can work according to what are you looking for.

It is important to be prepared and safe in the business that we wish to undertake and that will give us a degree of profitability and not put at risk all our investment.

Start with Investing Little Money and Determine If it really is a Profitable Business.

When we have concluded in the research stage of the different alternatives to invest money in the market, we must choose the most appropriate to our needs.

To know for sure that business leaves money, we must experiment first hand but with caution.

So to begin with, it is better to make an investment with little money and see if it is worthwhile to continue in the field or change to a more favorable one.

Remember that many times the best investment opportunities are fleeting so you have to be alert and when you find a big shot in which you have possibilities, do not think so much, but enter and invest.

Yes, investments have some risk, that is inevitable because many times when the idea is new, we do not find where to go to review background, that is when we must resort to this phrase.

“My God in your hands I entrust my money” Naa lies, we will only do this to invest money with eyes closed when we already have an investor’s nose, meanwhile not !.

But it is true that people who have invested in new ideas and have generated a lot of money with opportunity investments.

Remember that whoever does not risk an egg does not take out a chicken.


Reinvesting Profits.

investment ideas

We can not expect to have lucrative businesses without reinvesting.

The reinvestment of profits is vital for a business to be prosperous and develop progressively.

You can reinvest in the same business if this has seemed lucrative or continue investing in other good businesses.

Remember what they say; that you do not have to have all the eggs in one basket.

When you have managed to invest money in a profitable business and it starts to see the results of those precious profits.

It is at this point where you must start looking for new options to start investing and increasing that capital.

If you fail in one of the options, the loss will not be greater, because your earnings are revalued in the other options. 

Where you invested and you will be learning a new topic, which is how to recover your investment with the start of new investment.

The world of investments is constant feedback on one another and so you get knowledge and experience.

In addition to knowing that behind a loss there may be a greater gain when you invest your capital in other alternatives.

Learn How Investments Work

Before and during the investment process, it is very important to have thoroughly drenched everything related to the field in which we have chosen to invest.

It is better to be over-optimized of knowledge and not to sin in ignorance about its functioning and what the business is about.

If we want our investment to grow, it is important to know all the details to be successful and timely in making decisions that have to do with the development of the business.

And that is where we will take the reins and begin to re-invest as we consider the results as successful. Then it is time to take the next step.


Better Countries to Invest.

You must bear in mind that these business ideas apply to any country in which you find yourself; whether you are looking to invest in Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Spain, etc.